The Earth Cries Out


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I haven’t written a blog post in a while, but that doesn’t mean God hasn’t been doing a lot in my life. So much has changed , and I’m overwhelmed and amazed at what He has been doing in my life this year. But this post isn’t about me or about my life. It’s about the Word of God and spreading what He is speaking to us, even now, even today.

One of my favorite worship sessions to jam to is Bethel’s “Great Are You, Lord + Spontaneous.” I can never put it on while I’m doing something else, because I always end up dropping what I’m doing and just worshipping for the hour and eight minutes that it lasts. I played it last Thursday, and I worshiped to it today. And both times one line stuck out at me, and the Lord spoke to me today about it. I have to share it. We are in times that are too important not to share what God is saying.

The bridge of “Great Are You Lord” is one that God leads Jeremy Riddle back to at the very beginning of this video. It says,

“All the earth will shout your praise

Our hearts will cry

These bones will sing

Great are you, Lord”

Already that bridge is super powerful, but the first line has just captivated me. In Luke chapter 19, Jesus enters triumphantly into Jerusalem, and a multitude of disciples says, “Blessed is the One Who comes, the King in the name of the Lord: peace in heaven and glory in the highest” (v. 38 One New Man Bible). When the Pharisees tell Jesus to rebuke his disciples, in other words, quiet them, Jesus replies, “I say to you, if they are silent the stones will cry out” (v. 41).

Basically, if human beings don’t fulfill our role, our privilege, one of the reasons we have been created, of declaring His glory and praising Him, then the earth will. He is God, and He will get His praise and honor. And He certainly deserves it.

It was this verse from Luke that ran through my mind over and over as I sang the bridge to “Great Are You Lord.” As I started praying, I could just feel the presence of the Lord, and I knew that He wanted me to pray for the earth to literally begin to cry out for Him, whatever that may look like. He placed this vision in my head of ISIS’s plans being messed up because of a sudden storm or wind. As I started to pray, I knew I had to write down what He was saying. And this is what I believe He wrote through me.

“The earth will begin to shake and cry out for My Glory. The earth will rebel against the evil that resides in it. Even cursed places will be a blessing for My Glory. Things in nature and the earth will begin to happen that scientists can’t explain because it’s nature responding to the spirit world. No longer can evil rest peacefully in my creation. Earth is crying out for its Lord to be glorified. There will be a supernatural natural uprooting of evil. Things in the earth, like the wind or storms or sand, will begin to mess up the plans of evil men because they cry out for the Glory of the Father. No longer can evil hide in the deserts, the jungles, in the forests. Nature will begin to expose the hidden evil. Places where there was trauma or death or torture will become places of blessing, of healing, of salvations, places where My Glory, the Glory of God, falls.”

I believe this is a prophetic word from the Lord that we need to declare and press into. With so many crazy things going on this world, we are not to shrink back in fear. I’ve heard so many Christians say, “It’s just going to get worse…” What a mindset of defeat! We are already victorious! We are already to be living in a mindset of victory, no matter what is going on around us. So please hold this word from the Lord close to your heart and declare it and pray it with me over our country and over our world.

Jesus already won, and we are on the winning team! Let’s join with the earth in crying out for the glory of our perfect Heavenly Father.


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